About Learning Know How

I began my teaching career more than 30 years ago. From the outset I was always passionate about helping those that were finding learning more challenging. To that end, I sought and participated in many extra professional development opportunities and post graduate qualifications at Flinders University and Hong Kong University, all centred on expanding my repertoire of strategies and knowledge of how individuals learn, particularly in the areas of reading and spelling. Classroom teaching in the South Australian public system and Special Education teaching in a large private college in Adelaide, combined with establishing and coordinating the Educational Support Programme for an International School in Hong Kong, have given me a broad and valuable knowledge base.

Personal Experience

One of my own children has dyslexia and it ‘runs’ through our family. This has given me an invaluable insight into the world of the parent of a dyslexic child – I have lived it and continue to do so. My child, now an adult, is currently working towards a PhD in a language based subject!

Quality teaching,

support and understanding from home,

and a student with ‘fire in their belly’

has made this achievement possible.

Your student can be successful too!

Felicity Clark
B.Sp Ed (Flinders University)
Dip. T (Adelaide College of Arts & Education, now University of SA)
Cert. Special Educational Needs (Hong Kong University)